A New Year, a Modern Wedding + Putting yourself in the way of beauty

The New Year started off with a bang as I carried over 2017's resolution to be more thoughtful, and added a new mantra for 2018: Put yourself in the way of beauty. Snaps for Cheryl Strayed and her mama for those very epic words. To my delight, I was able to put this newfound mission into action at last weekend's Modern Wedding Show. The genius behind our female-powered design was The Wise Co., who executed our vision with effortless grace and ease. Complimenting TWC's fine furniture for hire was Faire la Fête Linens, a carefully curated collection of luxury linen rentals - the brainchild of a talented mother-daughter team with impeccable taste and even kinder souls.

I was offered a colour palette, encouraged to be unique, and inspired to create something beautiful. The loveliness that ensued is best left to the beautiful images captured by our boothmate, Molly Jane Photography.

Natalia SolisComment